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Why the Leaves Change Colour

Reinhardstein Castle in Belgium - Jan Willem Plug - the Instatripper

Every year about this time – and for a way too short period – an amazing thing happens to the trees where I live. All of them explode in a thousand different shades of yellow, red, gold, orange and scarlet. Why do the leaves change colour? I never really notice when the the colour change […]

Why Travelling Makes the World a Better Place

thailand bay and island - the instatripper - jan willem plug

Did you know that while there are taxes on diesel, petrol, oil and gas, the fuel that airplanes use (kerosene) is free from taxes all over the world? Surprising, right? Well, it’s not a mistake. The governments of the world did not forgot to introduce a kerosene tax, but deliberately decided not to impose it. […]

How to Increase Your Protein Intake

how to increase your protein intake

Many of you know that I live a mostly vegetarian lifestyle. I get many questions on Instagram about this. How can I work out so much and gain musles when I don’t eat meat? Well, there are many other sources of protein. You don’t need meat at all to gain muscles. So I decided to […]

Stay Fit While Working From Home

Jan Willem working from home 2

During these quarantine times, for most of us there is no more cycling from home to the office, no more walks in the neighbourhood or the next train station, no more walks during lunch, and so on. Especially for those who already work in an office and do not get a lot of exercise, the […]