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How You Benefit From Reading

benefits from reading

When was the last time you read an actual book or a serious magazine article? Let’s face it. Most of our reading is centered around social media these days and many of us spend a lot of time watching TV. Myself included. I do love reading and learning though. And I know that doesn’t come […]

10 Things To Do At Home When In Lockdown

when in lockdown

While the pandemic rages on, many countries are in lockdown, again. Even though vaccination has started everwhere, it could take many more weeks for lockdowns to end. No need to get bored though. No need even to stay at home, if regulation permits. There’s a lot to do when in lockdown! Get Travel Inspiration When […]

How to Set Smart Goals

smart goals

We all want to achieve something in life. Without any goals or purpose, we can end up feeling lost and frustrated. But how can you set goals you can really achieve? The trick is to be smart about it. SMART goals stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relative and Time-based. But what does that really mean? […]

My Clean Eating Program Helps me Stay Healthy

the instatripper on Sao Miguel

Even though my Instagram is not about fitness, I do get a lot of questions about my fitness routine and exercises. I live a healthy lifestyle. I work out four times a week and I try to exercise while I travel too. Most of all, I try to be conscious of what I eat. In […]

Stay Fit While Working From Home

Jan Willem working from home 2

During these quarantine times, for most of us there is no more cycling from home to the office, no more walks in the neighbourhood or the next train station, no more walks during lunch, and so on. Especially for those who already work in an office and do not get a lot of exercise, the […]

How to Increase Your Protein Intake

how to increase your protein intake

Many of you know that I live a mostly vegetarian lifestyle. I get many questions on Instagram about this. How can I work out so much and gain musles when I don’t eat meat? Well, there are many other sources of protein. You don’t need meat at all to gain muscles. So I decided to […]

10 Things To Do At Home When It’s Raining

things to do when in lockdown

Autumn has arrived in the northern hemisphere. In most places, that means it will be raining a lot. Grey and cloudy days are back again. No need to get bored though. No need even to stay at home. There’s a lot to do when it’s raining! Get Travel Inspiration When It’s Raining 1. Plan Your […]