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My Clean Eating Program Helps me Stay Healthy

the instatripper on Sao Miguel

Even though my Instagram is not about fitness, I do get a lot of questions about my fitness routine and exercises. I live a healthy lifestyle. I work out four times a week and I try to exercise while I travel too. Most of all, I try to be conscious of what I eat. In […]

How to Cope With Jet Lag

Time zones - the instatripper - jet lag

If you travel internationally and across continents you are probably familiar with jet lag. It comes with restless sleep, tiredness during the day, stomach troubles, having a hard time concentrating and functioning normally. It is not really possible to avoid jet lag when travelling across several different time zones. But I have some tips on […]

How to Pack for a Trip

how to pack for a trip

Preparing for a trip is always great fun, isn’t it? The anticipation of all the things you’ll see and do is a big part of the vacation excitement. But preparing for a trip also includes packing and that is not fun for everyone. So here are some of my travel tips to help you pack […]

Stay Fit While Working From Home

Jan Willem working from home 2

During these quarantine times, for most of us there is no more cycling from home to the office, no more walks in the neighbourhood or the next train station, no more walks during lunch, and so on. Especially for those who already work in an office and do not get a lot of exercise, the […]