Seven Facts about Bangkok

tetris building bangkok skyline - the insta tripper

Bangkok is a huge city with over 8 million people. There is so much to see and do that it’s hard to know where to start. Let me share some some interesting facts about Bangkok. I’m sure it will help you find out what to do there.

Bangkok is Sinking

Just like Venice, Bangkok is a city built on dozens of canals and rivers and the buildings stand on stilts. Because of heavy development, Bangkok is sinking by 2 to 2.5 centimetres every year. That’s a lot! Because sea levels are also rising due to climate change – Bangkok will be flooded in just a few decades. If this impressive city is on your to do list, you may want to start planning now, before it’s too late.

Bangkok skyline - cityscape - the Instatripper
Better visit now before it’s too late

Hottest City in the World

One of the lesser-known facts about Bangkok is that it is the hottest city on earth. Now this may come as a surprise. When you think of record-high temperatures you may think of desert countries and not Thailand. But when it comes to cities, Bangkok holds the record. It is basically hot all year round. Even in Winter, daily temperatures are easily between 28 and 36 degrees. In Summer, it gets especially hot. Because of this, the average temperature is 28 degrees. And that fact about Bangkok makes it the hottest city in the world.

Street Food

Not just in Bangkok but everywhere in Thailand you’ll find people selling food on the streets. It’s a part of Thai urban culture. Fresh cut fruit, warm meals, ice cream, sandwiches – anything you like. My absolute favourites are the pan cakes and fresh juices and smoothies. I especially recommend the banana and nutella pan cakes and the watermelon and passion fruit juices and smoothies. I have never had such delicious and fresh juices anywhere else in the world. The fruits are real and get cut right in front of your eyes. So it’s all absolutely fresh and truly delicious.

Try out the tastes of Thai fruits

Bangkok by Boat

One of the best ways to explore Bangkok is by boat. Many main sights are located next to the river, Chao Phraya. Many companies offer expensive boat tours to tourists, asking as much as 1500 to 2500 baht for some tourist trips. Don’t fall for it! You do not need any commercial company to see the main city attractions by boat. The official city boat busses offer hop on hop off tickets for just 50 baht and will take you to all the tourist attractions and even more. It will help you avoid traffic and walking long distances and you’ll many great temples, the royal palace and some very large shopping malls. If you want to see more in the sideway canals, I recommend a commercial longtail boat tour.

Wat Arun temple in Bangkok - the instatripper
Wat Arun temple – every boat will take you here

Impressive Skyline

When you think of New York or Chicago you probably have an image of skyscapers and buildings in mind. When you think of Bangkok you probably don’t immediately think of impressive skylines. But Bangkok actually has amazing architecture everywhere. Many skycrapers, both offices as well as hotels and residential buildings, can be seen all over the place. The architecture in Bangkok is very interesting because it is influenced by both European and Asian styles. Many of these buildings have rooftop terrace and bar that are open to the public. So you can get impressive city views if you feel like it.

Bangkok skyline – city of contrasts

Amazing Buildings of Bangkok

Besides “regular” modern skyscapers, Bangkok is also home to amazing-looking buildings. One building is in the shape of a robot. Another one looks like an elephant. One of the buildings I like most if the Tetris building. It is actually called MahaNakhon and  is an amazing example of modern architecture in Bangkok’s cityscape. It is over 300 meters high (over 1000 feet) and built in such a way that it seems to be assembled in a computer game while you are watching it. How amazing is that! Click here to find out all details about this building.

tetris building bangkok skyline - the insta tripper
Bangkok has amazing architecture

World’s Largest Chinatown

The last of these seven facts about Bangkok is that its Chinatown is the largest in the world. The Yaowarat Chinatown houses over one a million ethnic Chinese, many of the second or third generation. During the day you will find shops and stands selling products at some of the cheapest prices. At night, the place turns into a huge food market as far as the eye can see. Yaowarat is one of the most dynamic and interesting places to visit in Bangkok. You can also visit the largest solid gold Buddha statue in the world here. It is located inside Wat Traimit. Interestingly, the gold Buddha was hidden inside plaster for hundreds of years and was only discovered when it was moved and accidentally dropped.

Beautiful temples everywhere

This city certainly has a lot to offer. These seven facts about Bangkok are just some of the impressive things in this place. You will not get bored when visiting Bangkok. But of course, Thailand is not just known for its capital, but also for its many beaufitul islands. Click here to read all about the famous Phi Phi islands and Koh Lipe.