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To find out more about me please check out the About Me page. There’s a lot in there about who I am, what I like and where I am from. And if you’d like to know more, feel free to ask.

I do not commercialise my social media channels for plain profit. I only share things I like and I am always honest. My followers know and appreciate that. My collaborations fit who I am and what I want to support and must benefit my followers. Besides everything to do with travel, I am very interested in a fit and healthy lifestyle, technology and gadgets, and the enviroment and sustainability.

Jan Willem Plug - The Insta Tripper - Antwerp, Belgium
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Let’s Collaborate

Do you want to draw attention to a destination, brand, product or initiative? I am happy to help. I have about 110,000 active followers across my social media platforms. My website is visited by thousands of followers every month. If you collaborate with me to benefit my followers I promise you a large reach and engagement. 70% of my followers are between 18 and 44 years old and share my passion for travel and other interests.

Whether it’s a press trip, Instagram post or a sponsored story, I will work with you to achieve the best results. If you are interested in a collaboration, please contact me below and let me know what you have in mind.

Some previous partners:

    Get To Know Me Better

    Would you like to get to know me better? What do I do in life? What do I like? Where am I from? How come I travel so much? You can find all the answers and more right here.

    Jan Willem Plug - the Instatripper

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    You can find out a lot about me and my trips through my Instagram account. I am happy to take you along on my trips with my posts and daily stories.