What to See in Singapore

Jewel waterfall at Singepore airport, Jan Willem Plug, the intstatripper

Singapore is a city that really surprised me a lot. Of course I had heard about it, read about it and entertained a certain view of it in mind. But it was even better than I could have imagined. If you are planning to visit, what should you go see in Singapore?

I knew Singapore is important for the world economy, I knew it has a great skyline, I knew things are very organised are, I knew it is incredibly clean and I knew there are some controversial laws there. What I did not know is how much there is to see in Singapore, how beautifully green and environment-friendly it is, how amazing the architecture, parks and walkways are and how super multicultural it is. What are some things you should definitely see in Singapore?

Marina Bay Waterfront

The Marina Bay Sands hotel is world-famous and an icon of architecture and the city itself. But the hotel is just one of many great sights in the Bay area. There is a wonderful walkway all along the water: the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade. It is 3.5 kilometres long and has been designed as an environment-friendly recreation area. Singapore’s Marina Bay is very beautiful and offers an amazing view of the city skyline and unique architecture everywhere. The view is great both day and night. And it’s an especially great place to enjoy the sunset. During the day it can be very hot, just like anywhere in Singapore. So the promenade has mist sprays to give you some relieve of the heat and breeze shelters with fans to provide a cool stop from your tour walking around the bay. How cool it that!

Singapore Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Waterfrond, Jan Willem Plug, instatripper
View from the Helix Bridge

Along the Promenade

Wonder Full is a free nightly show of laser lights and water projections, accompanied by music. You can watch it best from the Event Plaza, which also offers concerts and other performances.

The Helix Bridge connecting Marina Centre to Marina South, where the famous Gardens By The Bay are located. This unique pedestrian bridge has a double helix that resembles DNA. Along the bridge are four viewing platforms where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Singapore skyline.

The ArtScience Museum is a lotus-designed building that forms part of Marina Bay Sands. The building is incredible. But the inside is too: 21 galleries of art and science that helped shape today’s society.

Jan Willem Plug at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore, Instatripper
The ArtScience Museum as seen from the Helix Bridge

Orchard Road – Fashion Street of Singapore

Orchard Road is a 2.2-kilometre shopping and entertainment street in the middle of Singapore. The street is filled with luxury shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels. The best known shopping malls here are (1) ION Orchard (luxury brands and flagship stores), (2) Ngee Ann City (large department stores and Asian restaurants) and (3) Lucky Plaza (for electronics and souvernirs)

Orchard Road owes its name to its history as a farming area filled with fruit orchards. Those are all gone now. But it is a very green street with lots of big trees offering shade. There are very nice buildings and decorations and lighting everywhere. You can go shopping all day long here, if that’s what you enjoy!

Jan Willem Plug cycling through Singapore, Instatripper, Orchard Street, Intercontinental Robertson Quay
Cycling through Orchard Street

Gardens by the Bay

The world famous Gardens by the Bay is a huge area of green space in central Singapore, very close to the Marina Bay promenade and the Marina Bay Sands hotel. This place is the result of an international design competition to create an environmentally friendly urban garden in the city center. It is a very special place and I’m sure you’ll recognize it when you’re there. It is highly instagrammable. Its aim to combine nature and modern technology has been achieved very well. It’s like a walk through the garden of the future.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, Jan Willem Plug, Instatripper
Supertrees in the Gardens by the Bay


The Supertrees are the first things you notice when you go to Gardens by the Bay. These vertical gardens serve as hosts to a variety of plants like ferns, vines, and orchids. The plants almost look fake, but there are not. There is an amazing free walkway connecting several trees that gives you an aerial view of the garden and buildings around it. And every day in the evening a fantastic light and music show takes places right up in the trees. Do not miss that!

Cloud Forest and Flower Dome

The Cloud Forest is hard to describe. It is like being in a mountainous area, including a jaw-dropping waterfall, beautiful ponds, vertical flower fields and zigzag roads around the top. Wait for the mist spray before going down for that feeling of being above the clouds in a tropical rain forest.

The Flower Dome is the world’s largest green house. Inside, it is Spring all year round. The area inside is divided into seven sectors with gardens from Spain, Italy, South America, South Africa, Australia, and other tropical regions.

Jan Willem Plug in the Cloud Forest, Singapore, Garden by the Bay, Instatripper
Looking up inside the Cloud Forest

The Supertrees are free to visit, even the skywalk between them. You only need to get a number because visitors are let into the walk in groups at specific intervals. You need a ticket for the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome and it is best and cheapest to buy a combined ticket. There are even extra options available for special exhibitions etc. if you want to see those too. You can plan your visit and find all information about tickets here.

Of course, there is a lot more to see in Singapore that these three places. Click here to find out more about sightseeing in this amazing city.

Inside the Cloud Forest, Jan Willem Plug, the Instatripper
The multi-level Cloud Forest
Views inside the Cloud Forest, Jan Willem Plug, the Instatripper
Views inside the Cloud Forest
Flowers inside the Flower Dome, Singapore
The Flower Dome is simply the largest indoor garden on the planet