Where to Stay in Singapore

Interncontinental Singapore Robertson Quay

Finding a good hotel is not always easy. Before I book a place to stay in, I first check the location. I usually know where I want to go sightseeing. So my accommodation should not be too far. Next, I want to know what the hotel looks like. What are the rooms like? Are there additional facilities? It’s very important to me to be able to work out. So I prefer a hotel with a gym. Both location and accommodation must be good for me to consider booking. So what is a great place to stay in Singapore?

I stayed at the InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay hotel. It was not just the great location that made me choose to stay here. It was the accommodation itself too. This place comes with a story and history. And I like that a lot.

Robertson Quay area in Singapore. Jan Willem Plug. The instatripper.
The Robertson Quay area has a lot of history

InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay is located along the river. Robertson is the largest and most upstream of the historical quays. The area used to be full of warehouse spaces for trade and goods. Now, it is a great destination for dining and lifestyle where old trade houses have been converted into restaurants and bars. The quay is mainly residential and the hotel has purposely been built to blend into the urban surroundings.

The Rooms

All rooms are really modern and comfortable but have a cool sophisticated industrial style, in line with the history of the place. The hotel’s architecture incorporates a lot of details and design that have to do with the harbour history of the area. The views of the river and gardens are really nice from many of the rooms. And there are a lot of terraces on all sides of the hotel for everyone who wants to sit outside. Luckily, the weather in Singapore allows you to do that whenever you want.

Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay. Jan Willem Plug. the instatripper
Even the bathrooms come with a view
Jan Willem Plug at Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay. the instatripper
Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay. the instatripper
The rooms are great

The Food

I especially enjoyed the hotel Quayside Lounge, which also has a garden terrace. Afternoon tea is served there, tailored to anyone’s wishes. All I had to do was say I’m vegetarian and in no time I had vegetarian mini dishes and finger food included in my afternoon tea. Click on the photo to see more.

The Lounge offers a great high-tea

But even more, I love hotel breakfasts. If you follow my travel stories on Instagram, I’m sure this is no surprise to you. Breakfast at the Intercontinental is served either in the Lounge or at the cosy next-door restaurant Marcello. It is a really nicely decorated Italian-style place. Friendly staff, great selection of a la carte choices and a breakfast buffet to choose from. All included. I loved the fresh juices (water melon is my favourie) and the eggs benedict with avocado and salmon here.

A good hotel breakfast is the best way to start the day

Pool, gym and cycling

Needless to say, the hotel has a very nice pool to relax at and swim in. The heat in Singapore will surely make you want to cool down somewhere. There’s a fully-equiped gym at the floor level and of course it is air-conditioned. One really nice feature that I enjoyed is that the hotel has bicycles available for their guests. Cycling turns out to be a great way to explore Singapore, despite the heat.

Exploring Singapore by bike. Jan Willem Plug. The Instatripper.
Bicylces provided by the hotel let you explore the area easily
A pool to cool down in is a great asses in Singapore


The hotel has a good location for exploring Singapore. It is very easy to go for a river walk from here, which will lead you to the entertainment area at Clarke Quay (click here to read about it). From there, all you have to do is continue along the river to get to the old center and the central business district. The river walk will lead you to the Jubilee Walk, the Marina Bay and many other places of interest. If you don’t like walking too much, then using the bikes from the hotel is a good alternative. And of course, there is a metro station nearby too.

What are some places to go see during your stay here? Read all about it in my blog about sightseeing in Singapore.

Lounge terrace at the Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay
You will emjoy your stay here