Definitive List of Essential Things to Pack

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You probably won’t forget to bring your clothes and phone and camera when you go on vacation. But you’re going to need more than those things. So here is my definitive list of essential things to pack for you trip.

Passport: Make sure it is valid for at least another six months before you travel with it. Passports are usually no longer valid for international travel if the validity expires in 6 months

Visa: If you travel to a country or area that you need a visa for, print it twice and carry it in both your check-in and hand luggage

Boarding pass and tickets: Make sure you have all the digital passes and tickets on your phone. This will make boarding and travelling easier. If you’re uneasy about having your documents digital-only then print out hard copies and carry them in your hand luggage. Check-in online whenever possible so you can avoid lines at the airport or ticket counter.

Credit and debit cards: I always advice to use credit cards when abroad so you have all costs of your trip on one bill at the end. If you travel to a country where credit cards cannot be used everywhere then get a good amount of cash upon arriving, maybe at an ATM at the airport. Make sure you do not keep all your cash in just one bag or suitcase so you won’t lose all of it if you lose your luggage. Check whether your cards are valid abroad before you start your trip. Do you need any special devices for online banking? Pack those too.

Travel insurance: Check your travel insurance if you have one or take out an insurance if you don’t and this seems a wise precaution. This usually depends on the country or countries you are going to visit. If you have travel insurance it won’t hurt to check the coverage policy once in a while to make sure it applies to your next destination.

Emergency telephone numbers:

  • Friends and family back home
  • Travel insurance emergency number
  • Bank card emergency number

Smartphone and all chargers, headphones and USB sticks that go with it

Camera and all accessories that go with it (charger, batteries, etc.)

Adapters: Are you going to a country that has outlets that differ from what you are used to? Then buy some adapters before your trip. Google will help you find what you need.

Medication: Make sure you have enough of any medication you need.

Travel essentials:

  • Pain killers, immodium and some (waterproof) plasters. (Because you never know.)
  • Sun lotion and (after) sun lotion, if needed
  • Antibacterial hand gel and perhaps cleaning wipes
  • Insect repellent, if needed

House keys: You will need your keys when you come back home

Driver’s license: Are you planning to drive on vacation, then bring your driver’s license

Click on the image below for travel tips on how to pack.

definitive list of essential things to pack

Know that you have your definitive list of essential things to pack, you are ready for your trip! I hope you’ll have a great time. Don’t forget to take photos and share with me on Instagram!

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